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Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love

Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love

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Best Selling Career Book
Includes set of 4 Inner Heroes(TM) Cards
New Edition 2013

"This is both a delightful book and a website. Carolyn gives an intelligent and warm explanation of the idea that all mankind divides into four basic personality types or temperaments,... based on the earlier work of  David Keirsey, Isabel Myers, and Carl Jung. Highly recommended"
DICK BOLLES, author, What Color Is Your Parachute?

"What an exciting book to discover meaningful work that satisfies your soul."
JACK CANFIELD    Chicken Soup for the Soul

212 pages,  6"x9"
ISBN 978-0-9858530-6-8
Former ISBN 978-0-9858530-1-3
Former ISBN 978-1893320-28-4

Listed as #7 of the top 30 best-selling career books in America on Vocational Biographies website.

From the Back Cover
Do you hate your job? But don't know what else you can do? Carolyn Kalil, M.A., takes the mystery and misery out of your search for satisfying work. This book helps you to discover your natural strengths and talents. With the help of the temperament personality method, you'll learn quickly how to reclaim your true self and find your own path to success. In a few simple steps, the author leads you to the work you love.

"Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) to the Work You Love" is also Carolyn's personal success story. It is enriched throughout by anecdotes and first hand reports from people whom she has helped in their search for self-expression and fulfilling careers.

Discover your true talents
Create a positive, clear self-image
Overcome fears that block success
Maximize your unique strengths
Determine your ideal career
Put soul into the work you do

"Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) to the Work You Love" is so much more than just another career book about how to find a job. The author demonstrates how she dealt with self-esteem issues and reclaimed her own true self, discovering her life's work in the process. From her twenty-nine years of experience as a career counselor, she shares stories of people she has helped to find the work they love.

About the Author
Carolyn Kalil has been inspiring students and organizations for more than 30 years as an educator, counselor, author, speaker, and corporate trainer. Her popular book and its companion workbook continue to be successful training tools for students and a number of major corporations, including Warner Brothers and Cisco Systems. And her work is receiving high praise from colleges, prisons, Welfare-to-Work, and other programs that strive to help people.